About Us

It is one of the first companies to begin to wrought iron and decorative ironwork in Turkey. Our company, which develops the production technology of the desing itself, serves with its new patended products and over 2000 products.

Şahinler Form Metal AŞ has been manufacturing wrought iron products since 1985.Initially it started with only assembly and decoration works and since 1998 it has grown into a company. In 2005, production started in Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone in a new facility of approximately 10.000mclosed area. In 2018, an additional 3.500m2 facility was built.

Şahinler Ferforge, is a preffered brand in both domestic and international markets with its high quality products. High customer satisfaction is the result of the high quality of our products.

We export to any countries of the world!

In Europa:

France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romenia, Albanie, Bosnie and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, MAcedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Belarus, Russia

In Asia:

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turmenistan, South Korea, Chechnya

In Africa:

Cameroon, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria

In our facility, we provide service with our experienced team in mold desing, production, maintenance and repair. In this way, we are able to desing and produce the products requested by our customers.

In laser cut products, our desing team offers the most suitable solutions for you.



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